[Review] MISE EN SCENE Perfect Serum vs Lucido L Argan Oil

There’s no sugar-coating- maintaining long hair takes work. And having long hair with curls so much more! Other than using the regular hair masks and curling lotion, finding a long-lasting hair serum has always been top of my list. I have always been using Lucido L Argan Oil, but the Mise En Scene Perfect Serum gives it a run for its money.

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum is a South Korean top-selling brand and contains a blended fusion of 7 natural oils including Morocco argan oil, argan, camellia, jojoba, marula, coconut, apricot, and olive oils. It comes in 4 variations – Perfect Serum Original, Perfect Serum Rose Edition for added rose scent and hydration, Perfect Serum Styling for pre-styling heat protection and Perfect Serum Coco Water for fine hair and a lighter application.  Testing out the Original cult version here, I use this as a daily treatment on my hair ends after air-drying my hair, and also to touch up on dry ends throughout the day.

Lucido-L is a Made in Japan haircare brand that has been around for quite some time, and the Lucido L Argan Oil has always been my go-to for quick fixes on frizzy flyaway strands and dry hair ends. Synonymous with its name, the Lucido-L Argan Oil contains pure Moroccan Argan oil rich in fatty acids and vitamin E and uses a unique high temperature compression technology that allows oil to coat the hair strands over a larger surface for a lighter, smoother finish. It also offers UV and heat protection from the blow-dryer. There are 5 variations- Lucido-L Argan Oil Sheer Gloss made to add long-lasting shine to dull hair, Lucido-L Argan EX Oil for frizzy hair, Lucido-L Argan Oil Rich Moisture for thicker, volume hair, Lucido-L Argan Oil Deep Repair for damaged hair as well as Lucido-L Argan Oil Essence to tame coarse, unruly hair. My hair strands are naturally thicker and this review will be focused on Lucido-L Argan Oil Rich Moisture.

How to Use

Either apply 1-2 pumps of Mise En Scene Perfect Serum / Lucido L Argan Oil Rich Moisture as a pre-treatment on towel dry hair before blow-drying, or as a leave-in serum on dry hair, focusing on hair ends and unruly strands to give proper shape to hair.


Mise En Scene Perfect Serum has a much heavier consistency than the Lucido L Argan Oil Rich Moisture, and I only need to dispense a small pump to cover all the hair ends. It gives off a light floral scent and instantly absorbs into my curls to give a nourished, non-greasy look with great shine and definition.

Lucido L Argan Oil Rich Moisture gives a similar effect. While you might have to dispense 2-3 X more the amount, the oil is extremely lightweight with a non-sticky, watery after feel, and smoothens down flyaway hair instantly, while giving an understated shine and soft hand feel to coarse, unruly hair.

Overall, I would say that both are great essentials to have! If you prefer a sleek, clean look that lasts throughout the day, I would say go for Mise En Scene. A little goes a long way with this one, but you need to be careful on the application as excess application may weigh down your hair considerably and make it look flat. On the other hand, if you prefer a soft, fluffy insouciant style with natural finish, I would say Lucido L Argan Oil Rich Moisture would be a better bet.

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