[Review] Tofu Moritaya Mask

Honestly, this mask has been on the market for quite some time but because I have not found a thorough review of this mask, I thought that I could provide more information here. I first met the company in Japan a few years back, and the team is inspiring on how strongly they hold the values of using high-quality ingredients. There are various wash-off and sheet mask packs including whitening, aging and extra-moist effects, but I will be reviewing the original Soymilk Tofu Moritaya Wash-off Pack today.

What sets this range apart from other soy masks is this- the Moritaya family only uses carefully selected premium ingredients such as domestic soybeans “Fukuyutaka” from the famous Saga prefecture, as well as “Toyomasari” from Hokkaido, and soy milk from spring water in Shiiba Village in Miyasaki Prefecture to make their products.  The soy milk collected is then fermented to produce soy milk liquor that contains soy isoflavones, and combined with yogurt and honey which are known to balance the moisture levels in skin and keep skin smooth, firm and hydrated. Full list of ingredients can be found below:

Ingredients: Water, rice bran oil, glycerin, hydrogenated rapeseed alcohol, pentylene glycol, caprylic/capric trigyceride, stearic acid, polyglyceryl-2 disostearate, dipotassium, glycyrrhizate, phenoxyethanol, carbomer, potssium hydroxide, tocopherol, hydrogenated lecithin, honey, soymilk ferment filtrate, lactoferrin, perilla extract, butylene glycol, soybean seed extract, natto gum, yogurt filtrate, royal jelly extract, titanium dioxide, silica, alumina, squalane, dextrin palitate, carrot root extract, alcohol, fragrance.

The mask comes in a 150g, conventional plastic tub, and I bought it from Japan Don Don Donki for around 2200yen (~USD20). I use it twice weekly as a moisturising mask, alternating this with my deep-cleansing mask. After chilling in the fridge, scoop up a generous portion of this mask and cover  your face fully such that it hides all your skin, avoiding the sensitive areas around eyes and mouth. The mask texture itself is very much like a yogurt gel paste, very light and creamy to the touch, with a strong whiff of yummy soymilk. (Don’t get hungry!)

Tofu Moritaya Mask

The actual instructions was to wait for around 5 minutes, massage the pack on your face to enhance absorption, then rinse off the excess with lukewarm water. Here is how I do it differently- I apply this pack for at least 30-45minutes on my face, then wipe off with a wet face towel or sponge, before splashing my face with cold water. For me, the beauty of this mask is that unlike other masks, this doesn’t dry up at all, no matter how long you leave it on for. The mineral oils from soybeans seem to protect the mask and skin from drying off, and I chose to leave this on longer to really let the goodness of rice bran and soy glycerin soak deep into the cells.

You should also know the downside of this mask- it is sickening to wash off with water! The mask sticks really closely to your skin because of all the natural oils and is an absolute chore to wash off. However, removing this with a towel or sponge makes it so much easier, and leaves more of that goodness on your face, so much so you can literally see your face glow and sparkle from within! I am not kidding. Your face will look so radiant, fair and translucent you will be hopping in joy. Your skin will be super smooth, hydrated and bouncy to the touch, similar to baby skin, and your pores barely there.

From left: before Moritaya masking to after masking for 30 minutes

I have used so many other premium masks and at this price, this is definitely a steal! Though the smell and wash-off method might take some time getting used to, I would strongly recommend you try it. The results speak for themselves!

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