[Review] Shiseido HAKU Melanofocus V Whitening Essence

While I was doing my research into which whitening products to buy in Japan, I came across the Shiseido HAKU Melanofocus V Whitening Essence. You can consider this as an adapted drugstore version of the pricier, Shiseido White Lucent Multi-bright Night Cream, which also works to reduce the formation of melanin, freckles, and pigmentation to promote clear, translucent skin. Shiseido HAKU Melano Essence first launched exclusively in Japan drugstores in 2013 and has been consistently No.1 sales in brightening beauty serum for 14 consecutive years. It works with an exclusive active brightening ingredient W, an anti-melano agent that is a combination of 4MSK and m-tranexamic acid to suppress the activation and generation of melanin pigments.

Usage directions & Verdict

I used this twice a day, every morning and evening after washing and toning the face. It comes in a 45 grams pump bottle, and it feels lighter than a regular lotion- a milky gel texture with an oily after touch. It comes fragrance free and non-comedogenic. Having combination skin, I did not entirely love that slightly sticky touch and look that glistened on my face immediately after application, as well as the oily-feel on my face.

Shiseido HAKU Melanofocus V Whitening Essence
Shiseido HAKU Melanofocus V Whitening Essence

Nevertheless, I decided to persevere for 2 weeks to see if this product really does work for whitening. Unfortunately, while it didn’t break me out, it also didn’t do much for me in terms of moisturizing and whitening. I only see a slight lightening in skin tone, so definitely a far shot away from the promised land of clear, dewy skin with a rejuvenated and translucent appearance. Have since condemned this along with other failed beauty experiments to use on my hands and legs instead and would recommend you save the pennies for their White Lucent range instead!

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