[Review] Huxley Essence Grab water vs Huxley Oil Essence: Essence-like Oil-like: Which is better for your skin?

Huxley is the new revolutionary K-beauty brand that awakened many on the actual possibilities of harvesting oil and moisture out of desert plants for usage in skincare. Cactuses are the only dominant plants that can get enough water and nutrients in the harsh, dry conditions of the dessert to survive and thrive- so how do they do that?

True to its slogan – Secret of Sahara- Great things never come from comfort zones – Huxley products are obtained using a slow and tedious cold press technology to harvest its star ingredients- prickly pear seed oil or cactus extract from the pricky pear cactuses. A litre of this oil requires 36 hours of hand labour to separate 1 million seeds. Pricky pear seeds come from the cactus fruits and contains high concentration of vitamin E, antioxidants and Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF) in its ceramides, effectively locking moisture into the skin to prevent water loss while preventing free-radical damage reinforces skin natural anti-ageing, moisturizing and protective barrier.

A quick comparison of the differences:

The Huxley Oil Essence is a blend of essence with oil, and contains prickly pear seed oil to moisturize skin, while yerba mate leaf, acai berry and camu camu acts as an antioxidant to strengthen immunity of the skin to external radicals while quinoa seeds provide hydration and nourishment supply. It is recommended for those who prefer a lightweight, non-greasy texture but wants the radiance and thorough hydration of a facial oil.

The Huxley Grab Water contains the same ingredients as the Oil Essence, but tops up with an additions of peppermint, Japanese apricot, hyaluronic acid and ceramides to cool down and refresh the skin while increasing hydration retention. It is recommended for those that prefers matt, deep hydration with a water-like texture.

Under CosDNA, you can see that both essences are generally non-comodegenic and irritation-free, which is great for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

In order to do an apple-to-apple comparison, I have tested both essences alongside the usage of Huxley Cream: Fresh and More. As you can see, both bottles come in a fuss-free glass bottle with an in-built dropper, but actually works much better for a super watery essence such as Huxley Grab Water. The Huxley Oil essence tends to get stuck quite a fair bit in the dropper and I have to dispense a few times just to get a drop out.

On application, Huxley Grab Water has the same consistency as a light face serum, and is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving a cooling sensation and silky smooth, matt finish with no stickiness. Huxley Oil Essence interestingly, has the viscous, translucent look and feel of an oil but the texture is in between that of a watery face serum and light gel cream. On application, it glides smoothly on the skin like oil, but feels very refreshing, lightweight and moisturized. There is no greasiness at all and while you need a few pats to get the oil to really absorb, the radiance and moisture stays much longer into the day.

Huxley Grab Water


So which essence is better for your skin? Personally, I prefer using Huxley Oil Essence. I simply love the radiance and deep moisture it provides throughout the day in a single step, with no feeling of heaviness or greasiness on my skin at all. Even when my skin is dry and peeling, just using this after my toner is a quick fix! On the other hand, Huxley Grab water is recommended if you already have a good moisturiser, prefer to use one e.g. Huxley Cream: Fresh and More, or have really oily or acne-prone skin that just cannot take facial oils. While it definitely smells and feels divinely refreshing on the skin, especially in hot weather, using it on its own probably cannot provide sufficient moisture to dry skin.

Have any of you used it before? Let me know your thoughts!

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