[Review] Sofina Sunscreen: Sofina Beaute vs Sofina Jenne Whitening Sunscreen UV Cut Emulsion SPF50+ / PA++++

Japanese are known for their flawless fair skin with radiance and moisture. Even more so, Japanese skincare are known for their exceptionally high quality that delivers long lasting natural results at an affordable price.

On my last Japan trip, I decided to give Sofina Jenne Whitening Sunscreen UV Cut Emulsion SPF50+/PA++++ a go since I have used Sofina Beaute UV Cut Emulsion SPF50+PA++++ Light before and quite like the texture and results. The two packaging looks so similar I bought both to test it out.

sofina jenne uv cut emulsion
sofina jenne uv cut emulsion

Sofina has an interesting patented technology that produces super tiny, flat, oval-shaped Zinc Oxide particles that are large enough to effectively block out UVA rays, yet do not produce any stiff whitest cast that most physical sunscreens do. These Zinc oxide particles are not completely emulsified and hence creates lightweight finish that stays very close on the skin, to create a naturally radiant, dewy finish with sebum control. A quick check on CosDNA and a comparison of the two products below:


  • Physical sunscreens with critical UVA protection 12-16%
  • PA++++ to effectively combat against skin darkening based on PPD(aka persistent pigment darkening factor, PA++++ is the highest protection)
  • Can be used as makeup primer
  • Contains ceramide that protects skin from dryness from environment and UV rays
  • Contains cultured tuberose essence that moisturizes skin


Sofina Jenne Sofina Beaute
· Higher content of 16.81% zinc oxide and Titanium oxide(UVA) double physical sunscreen protection

· 7.5% ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate(UVB absorption)

·  Available in Refreshing and Moisture types

·  Radiant but slight whitish finish

·  Floral dewdrop fragrance

· classic 13% zinc oxide (UVA) physical sunscreen

· Octinoxate (chemical sunscreen UVB absorption)

·  Available in Light and Moisture types

·  Lightweight watery texture

·  Transparent finish

·   Light floral dewdrop fragrance


As you can see in the photos, both sunscreens have the same watery finish, but the Sofina Jenne Whitening Sunscreen feels slightly oilier and stickier to the touch, probably due to the addition of Titanium Oxide. However, I could see an obvious lightening of my skin tone after using it for 1 month, in comparison to Sofina Beaute UV Cut Emulsion.

So which one is better? To me, it really depends on priorities. I would say go for Sofina Jenne if you are into whitening and radiance, but Sofina Beaute if you want a natural, non-sticky finish.

Any thoughts?

One thought on “[Review] Sofina Sunscreen: Sofina Beaute vs Sofina Jenne Whitening Sunscreen UV Cut Emulsion SPF50+ / PA++++

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  1. I literally cannot stand their Jenne and whitening line’s sunscreen. The classic Sofina (normal to oily / fresh) sunscreen liquid is one of my most purchased / most loved sunscreen though.


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