[Review] MUCOTA Adllura Aire 05 Best Home Treatment for Healthy Hair

Whether inspired by that pretty model on Instagram with long, straight and silky unicorn rainbow colour hair, or the easy, loose, romantic curls of Korean pop stars and Hollywood celebrities, it has often become a habit to get our regular hair fix at the salon to style, perm, straighten, colour or dye our hair for the latest look. While these trips certainly leaves us with a gorgeous hairdo that is the envy of all, the harsh chemicals used in the process are extremely damaging on the hair in the long run, and severely depletes the keratin and essential oils from the hair cortex, leaving us with dry, brittle, damaged hair with frizzy spilt ends.

Salon hair treatments are effective in recovery, but also costly and time-consuming. It is important to maintain the treated tresses in between trips so that the effects are not lost. As such, I adore home hair masks, treatments and leave-on products that accomplishes this quickly, and especially after I did MUCOTA rebonding. I was first introduced to MUCOTA Aire 05 Home Care by my hair stylist and  it was certainly a hidden gem!

The MUCOTA ADLLURA AIRE 05 Home Care treatment is a highly popular Japan brand which is often used by hair salons. It is a hair mask cum home treatment for mildly dry and damaged hair, and works to improve hair’s texture by restoring its soft silky texture and shine. It contains moisture-rich honey, and nano-sized CMC (cell membrane complex) particles, which is the same particle that makes up the external layer of our hair cuticles. This allows quick, deep conditioning and moisture penetration to form a protective coating on each hair cuticle, reducing chemical and environmental damage and further moisture loss.

After washing your hair with shampoo, take a generous amount of treatment and lather evenly into the hair ends, avoiding the scalp. For thick, waist long hair like mine, half a palm-size amount is usually sufficient. The texture is light and non-oily, and has a sweet, lingering scent of mangosteen. Leave the treatment on for 3 to 5 minutes, and wash it off with cold water before towel-drying.

As you wash off, you will immediately begin to feel the difference of MUCOTA as compared to other conditioners and treatments. Since my hair has been coloured and permed multiple times over the years, it is often so dry that it tangles and knots freely once it is damp, making it extremely troublesome to rinse. However, with the miraculous help of MUCOTA, it kept my hair so tangle-free that it rinses off smoothly!  The hair texture also became softer, smoother and well hydrated due to the deep conditioning and strengthening properties of CMC. Even after towel-drying, the hair combs smoothly and tangle-free!

I am extremely amazed and pleased with MUCOTA Aire 05 HOME CARE, and have repurchased ever since. My hair have since become healthier, shinier and manageable. I am thinking of trying out their Hair Mask and shampoo as well, so let me know if you did before.

Try it out here if you have not!

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