Innis Free No Sebum Mineral Powder Review

During summer, foundations always tend to break down a few hours after application due to the humid weather. Hence, it is always important to apply a loose powder or make up spray to finish the make up and create a barrier to prevent oxidation and discoloration. Here, I have tried the ever-popular Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder to see if it lives up to its name.

The innis free no sebum mineral powder is formulated with Jeju minerals and mint ingredients to control sebum levels and moisture to keep soft and fresh skin all day. It came in a cute container with a cushion puff for easy application. Usually, I apply this to the entire face after my foundation, and it glides on smoothly to leave a matt, fresh finish.

innis free no sebum mineral powder

I found that my foundation lasted a few hours longer into the day with this powder, and the oily T-zones stayed relatively oil-free till the end of the day. Also, I love how the powder has a relatively short list of non-comedogenic ingredients, and does not contain talc; instead it contains natural corn starch that acts like a replacement for oil blotting papers to effectively absorb excess sebum. Also, this powder can be used as a primer to “mattify” the oily T-zones before retouching your make up outside.

While it contains mint, I wasn’t super keen on the smell as it was very powdery and smells a bit like unscented foot powder. The only thing that is less than perfect is the design of the container- it is kind of difficult to dispense the powder evenly onto the puff through the holes without taking out excess. Do take note that this can only be considered a very transparent loose setting powder though, so if you want something with coverage, you would be better off piling this on top of your usual concealer.

However, at such an affordable price, this powder is a miracle worker and I highly recommend you to give it a try here.

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