Opera Lip tint Oil Rogue 06 Review + Swatch

The Opera Tint Oil Rouge Lip Tint is a 2018 Japan Cosme No. 1 item that sells out almost instantly whenever it restocks. It comes in 6 gorgeous red shades and I was overjoyed when I got my hands on Opera Lip Tint in 06 Pink red when I was in Japan last month!

While lip tints stays on the lips longer as compared to lipsticks, they are often drying and you end up with flaking lips at the end of the day. The Opera Lip Tint is said to contain oil-based moisturizing ingredients that provides high shine and moisture to the lips while maintaining the same color vibrancy.

As you can see, the texture is glossy and closer to a lip balm or Vaseline, and glides on with a sheer color. This is easily build-able to give a deeper shade on the lips when desired.  It feels really comfortable on the lips, like it is barely there. While the lip color holds up well, it still smudges somewhat after a meal or drink, and needs frequent application to maintain the same level of vibrancy or shine. In this aspect, I would say that this lip tint is suitable for ladies who aren’t super nit-picky about that exact look, because the vivid color does lasts throughout, and scores excellent if you want a little of both worlds e.g. some color on your lips yet enough moisturized to do away with a lip balm.

I have been wearing this for several weeks now and am very likely to repurchase this. Highly recommend you guys to check it out here if you haven’t!

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