I was always an avid supporter of wearing mascara as the go-to-1 minute make up fixer for lazy days. However, I was aghast when I realized my lashes growing weaker and thinner, and even dropping off after prolonged usage. A quick ask around confirmed my worst suspicions- usage of eyelash curler and mascara is akin to dyeing your hair- which are made of dead keratin cells and do not regenerate regularly unlike your skin. That was when I decided that my little lashes that has been doing so much work for me deserves better treatment.

While in Japan, I decided to get the Japan Cosme No. 1 ranking Avance Lash Serum EX, which is made up of active ingredients silk essence, hyaluronic acid, pantothenic acid to encourage blood circulation at the roots to nurture existing eyelashes, prevent hair loss and speed up hair growth. Carrot extract and chitin helps to further enhance the effects and moisturize lash tips for longer, thicker lashes. Best of all, its gentle formula makes it suitable even for sensitive eyes. Sounds too good to be true?!

How to Use

After washing your face, apply on clean lashes twice a day. It can be applied as a protective gloss layer before mascara as well. The Lash Serum is comes in a small 7ml bottle of clear, thick liquid completed with an inbuilt brush head for easy application.

avance lash serum ex japan


I used this very diligently- day and night, for close to a month now, while completely abandoning my trusty mascara. And boy, was it worth it! My lashes feel thicker and much stronger to touch, and have suddenly received many compliments on the length of my lashes. While they have not reached the desired thickness and gloss I was expecting, the halfway result seems promising! I would definitely continue to wear it, and update you guys on further improvements.

Highly recommend you guys to try it out here if you haven’t!

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