KOSE Clear Turn Vitamin C Mask Review

A super affordable drugstore buy under 15 bucks for a box of 5, the Kose Clear Turn White Vitamin C Facial Mask is famous for its quick whitening and hydration properties overnight. It contains highly concentrated, pure Vitamin C that suppresses melanin production and breaks up present melanin in your skin, as well as 12 herbal extracts and natural moisturizing ingredients such as Serine, Glycerin and Mimasaka thermal spring water to deeply hydrate. This is one of the highly requested masks to purchase whenever I travel to Japan so I was pretty excited to try it!

How to Use

The instructions came as a surprise to me as you can use it two ways. If you wish for a relaxing spa experience, heat it up slightly in a warm water bath for 5-10 minutes before usage. Else, you could go the usual way and chill in the refrigerator to help refine pores while the mask sets. After washing your face, prep with toner and smooth the sheet mask out evenly to fit your face. There are eye pads included so you could mask the skin around your pretty peepers as well. It was recommended to use the mask consecutively for a couple of weeks to see an obvious change.


The sheet mask was made of a certain fiber BemlieseTM, which is apparently known for its purity and super absorbency for extra moisture. This might be the reason the mask was so thoroughly drenched in a kind of rich, thick essence that there was practically none leftover in the mask pack! The surface area of the mask was large and forgiving but not super well cut for my face and I had to shift it manually for a better fit. The material was comparatively thicker to the usual Korean sheet masks I use, and smells strongly of alcohol, which might not sit well with others with sensitive skin. After 20 minutes, my skin did look brighter and fairer, and pores more refined. However, it was not the most hydrating mask out there as my skin did not feel bouncy or baby soft after usage.

Nevertheless, for the price point, I feel that it is a mask worth a go just for its whitening properties, if your skin is well-balanced and you do not have any alcohol allergies.

Have any of it tried it yet? Let me know how it was, or try it out here!

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