Innis Free Green Tea Serum gives you instantly bright hydrated skin

The Innis Free Green Tea Serum is a hugely popular Innis Free product and their long standing bestseller item, which is why I was so excited to try it out! Serums are an important part of the skincare routine as it is might lighter and faster absorbing compared to moisturizing creams, which tend to be too rich and heavy for oily skin or T-zones. The Innis Free Green Tea Serum is made up of fresh Green tea water extracted from Jeju Green tea seeds, filled with 16 kinds of amino acids for excellent skin hydration.

I apply 1 to 2 pumps of this to a clean face after toning, patting it in to absorb. The texture is watery and easily dispensed, with a slight green tea scent. It quickly absorbs into the skin, which is pleasant surprise, given that it has a supple finish. My skin is usually dehydrated and hence pretty dull. However, it immediately looks brighter and clearer once fully absorbed! I also like how it only leaves a slight sticky finish on my skin, and the hydration seems to be working on a deep level as my T-zone was much less oily, and yet cheeks less dry.

Innis Free Green Tea Serum


Nevertheless, the first few days weren’t without breakouts. While I did woke up to softer, more hydrated skin, it also caused a couple of small pimples along my cheeks. I thought it might be due to its intense moisturizing ingredients and have since reduced to a single pump of usage instead and have it has been working so much better! Highly recommended for dehydrated oily skin types, and I will update you guys again if there are any further changes!

Try it out here!

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