Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Review

Whenever I go on travel, the biggest problem I always have is to reduce the amount of luggage I am bringing with me so that-ahem, I can free up more space for shopping sprees. I would usually bring my entire beauty stash (read: close to a kg) with me as I am totally un-adventurous with using hotel soaps as I have pretty sensitive skin and the last thing I wish to end up with is a major breakout in a foreign country where I have no access to my favourite pharmacies. That was the reason I was pretty intrigued when I heard about the Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder!

The cleanser currently only comes in disposable packaging, where the powder is tightly sealed in little plastic cubes, each cube prefilled and meant for a single use. The powder grains are super fine and is scent-free, lathering up easily into a thin to thick foam depending on the amount of water you use. The powder works via a natural enzymatic action, containing various amino acid cleansing ingredients and lipase to break down excess sebum, keratin plugs and exfoliate dead skin cells. It also contains fermented soymilk extract that gently moisturizes the skin while it cleanses.

The fine foam felt light and comfortable as I massage it with warm water into the skin in circular motions. After washing off with cold water, my skin felt baby soft and smooth, with a fresh clean feel. I was pleasantly surprised as my skin borders on the dry side (although I have an oily T-zone), and usually experiences some level of tightness with foaming cleansers. The bumpy whiteheads on my chin were smoothened out, and my pores felt squeaky clean! I would say this performs so much better than FANCL Cleansing Powder, and gives so much moisture while cleansing.

The only downside would be the high price, as the cleanser is only sold in disposable packaging, which contains 32 pieces for USD$27. Basically you use a dollar for each wash, and that probably only lasts you at most half a month if you use it twice daily. I would definitely recommend it for travels and gym classes though- especially if you are as lazy to pack as me!

You can try it here.

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