Best natural face highlighter: Vely Vely 3D Highlighter Review

There are multiple face highlighters which I have tried over the years such as YSL Beauty Touche Eclat, 3CE Beam Stick, Revlon..but the ending was never really satisfactory due to reasons like it being too oily, not lasting or simply looking too fake. I first heard of Vely Vely when I was in Korea late last year and decided to buy a couple of their items since they were all the rage. The Vely Vely 3D Highlighter was something I got in my never ending quest to fake a smaller face, so let’s see how it performs!

The Vely Vely 3D highlighter came in a simple glass bottle quite similar to a nail polish bottle, attached with a dip brush applicator and contains 13ml of a very nice, understated shimmery ivory pink liquid. On first glance, it was a lot lighter and much more watery compared to the usual highlighters. You can see that the shimmer particles are super fine and the base color almost disappears into your skin, leaving behind only a diffused reflective effect.

For highlighters, I usually apply a small amount along the top of the cheekbones, nose bridge, brow bones and under the bow of your lips to create extra light and draw attention to these places. Try picking a colour one shade lighter than your current skin tone so that it pops but still blends in naturally with the rest of your foundation. This face highlighter might be more suitable for fair skin as it only comes in one colour. Here, I applied it on top of my Shu Uemura Petal Skin Foundation (my absolute HG at the moment) across my top of my cheek.


Tadahh~~! Notice the difference? I don’t think I have to say much, you can see that the highlighter really helped captured and bounced the light off the cheekbones, creating a much enhanced 3D effect. The sheer fluidity of the highlighter means that it is highly spreadable and you can even mix this even into your foundation if you are going for that oh-my-skin-is-so-healthy-it-glows-from-within look. Love how the finish looks super natural and flawless, heightened my cheekbones and added a fair amount of radiance in my look! I even got a few compliments on looking slimmer that day!

Overall, for a product that costs under USD 20, I find it great value for money and would definitely repurchase. What do you think?






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