JayJun Baby Pure Intensive Shining Sheet Mask Review

You always know when a mask is good for your skin. Instantly, your skin opens up and drinks in the goodness, making you feel refreshed and energized. This is exactly the effect of Jayjun Baby Pure Shining Sheet Mask, which has been a steady bestseller in Korea in the recent years. The mask pack came in a eye-popping pink blue packaging in a pack of 10, and comprises of 3 steps for hydration- the blooming essence, intensive shining mask, and hydro eye cream.

To use, apply a toner after cleansing and massage the blooming essence into your skin. The blooming essence contains green tea and various vegetable oils such as ylang ylang flower oil, tea tree leaf oil, lavender oil, that acts as a primer to sooth the senses and hydrate the skin while prepping the skin for the next stage of hydration.

Next, layer on the mask for a good 20-30 minutes to allow the nutrients to deeply penetrate into the skin. The mask fits well to the face and is of average thickness, thinner than masks from The Face Shop but thicker than My Beauty Diaries, and was generously soaked in a thick, transparent essence that contains ceramide, beta-glucan and fermentation extract to provide intense nourishment to the skin.

Finally, follow up with the hydo eye cream, which contains sodium hyaluoronate and trehalose, both of which delivers excellent moisture deep down the skin layers to give soft and healthy skin. I find this cream pretty thick in consistency, and very plentiful- to the extent where I could afford to apply it not only around my eyes, but on drier parts of my face as well!

Other than a light floral scent, the mask pack was fragrance-free, and very calming and soothing on the skin. Immediately upon removing the mask, the skin looks radiant, fairer and much more hydrated. Although this might be slightly heavy for summer, I would always turn to this during autumn or winter when the wind is strong and temperatures are low. It is my HG mask for instant hydration, and soothing any skin cracks, inflammation and peeling on your skin. Also, try overcoming the stickiness and leave the remaining essence on your face overnight and you shall be greeted with extra radiant, shining baby skin! Promise!

I believe the mask is for all skin types, however, you might want to skim a little on the hydro eye cream if your skin is oily. Have anyone else tried it out? Get yours here.


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