Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack Review

Blackheads! It’s the ultimate enemy that never seems to completely disappear no matter how many times you try to eradicate it. Nose packs, clay masks, face scrubs..there are 101 products and counting in the market just to resolve this issue. Precisely why I am so excited to try the highly-raved Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack Premium 50g to see if it really lives up to its name.

Ingredients 4/5

For the beauty-obsessives who need to know the key ingredients, it contains the famous Charcoal and grain powder known for its anti-bacterial and purifying effects, Kaolin which is a form of clay mineral particularly common in clay masks for oily skin and exfoliates dead skin cells and toxins by absorbing pore sebum, as well as Vanillyl Butyl Esther that seems to be the culprit behind creating that steaming effect. It also contains pure natural sparkling water to deliver cleansed skin enriched moisture and purified pores.

Packaging 3/5

The mask came in a fuss-free box packaging, contains 50 g of that mysterious concoction that claims to extract the impurities from deep within pores, exfoliate skin cells and eliminate blackheads AND whiteheads through a steaming effect. It also comes with a mini spatula for hygienic purposes. There is a thin layer of oil (common in clay masks) on top which drips a little if you don’t set it upright.

How to Use 4/5

I rub this in to a clean, dry face for a few minutes and left it on for a further five before finishing up with a good cold cleanse.


Once you slather the mask on, the steaming effect starts almost immediately and you can practically feel your pores opening up. I wouldn’t say the effect is equal to a steam pore facial but the effect is still pretty amazing. Throughout the 5 minutes, I can feel the gunk deep within getting pulled up to the surface and my pores getting tighter. The steam effect kind of disappear towards the end and after washing off, the face looks bright and clean. However, there were a few red patches which might have been due to skin sensitivity.

Final Verdict 4/5

Overall I would say the product is pretty value for money at USD 25, as a thin layer seemed sufficient to steam up the whole face. While the mask seems to deliver its promise of deep cleansing, my blackheads were definitely not eradicated and I will update you guys if there are any improvements over regular uses. Also, I felt that it might be slightly drying for the combination and normal skin types since there are multiple heavy duty sebum-absorbing ingredients in this mask. I would recommend this product to be followed up with a hydrating mask after to soothe, or just apply it on oilier T-zone areas susceptible to breakouts, or if you are the oily-skin type.

You can purchase it here.

Let me know your views!

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